So cool it kills me

Sep 29, 2010

Olivia really has mastered her personalized edgy style.
This look contains:
White tank~ Target Clearance
Red Flannel~ Target
Black leggings~ Express sale

I remember when liv and I were roommates when I was in college and she cut out a picture of shoes just like this.  It was probably 5 years ago and they were a million dollars. I can't believe she found them. They are super comfy too. It is a shoe miracle and as livy would say
"Magic can happen all the time!"

Love you Liv! Come visit me again soooooooon!

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  1. Totally agree! She looked great that day...loved her outfit! She has perfected her own style...and how fun that she surprised you!

  2. love her style!
    I was about to wear the hubs flannel today then decided against it. I'm swimming in it. haha.

  3. She totally has amazing style. I wish you girls did more outfit pics!!!! This is me begging!!!!! ;)

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  4. That the confidence underneath it all!

  5. Love her rockin style!! ! wish i was more daring sometimes!!

  6. She's a doll (as most Olivias are...).

  7. I love the edgy style. I'm so old and such a mom dork now that I could never pull that off. Once upon a time, I was cool and actually went to concerts, but that was over a decade ago :)

  8. You look so hip... I die over that whole look!


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