"Boyfriend" blazer or "little bro" blazer?

Feb 19, 2010

SO, i have always loved the idea of raiding your boyfriend (or husband)s closet and stealing a fabulous jacket, or a great dress shirt and just looking effortlessly chic... HOWEVER my husband is a muscle-y 110lbs heavier and over a foot taller than little old me... i look like a total idiot in his clothes (obviously). i have been on a mission for that perfect boy-ish yet flattering, goes with everything, but doesn't really match kind of magical blazer. i finally found it!!! drum roll.... in the suit section at salvation army, for little boys! lets be honest, i have no need for the darted womens version, i haven't had boobs in years.

it was a magical day.... but don't think you will catch me trying on children's pants.... i am not completely delusional....


  1. What? You haven't had boobs in years? If you don't have boobs, then I am in the negative for sure! :) You've always looked like a porn star to me! Remember that?

    I love the look btw!

  2. girl, i had just finished nursing a baby! it really has been a while.... i still have your little cactus... funny huh... i am surprised i haven't killed it...
    so the update is, no boobs, shop in the childrens section for bras, totally not kidding, wish i were! :)

  3. Haha, too funny! I remember being so excited to be pregnant for just that reason. Maybe that's the real reason I nursed my daughter for two years!
    Great idea, this jacket looks amazing!! LOVE!

  4. for the very few people who actually read this blog... DISNEY from ruffles and stuff just commented.... we are totally dying right now because she is a GODDESS!!!
    gotta be honest...i almost feel like a real blogger....


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