Sep 15, 2014

Painted some pots and kept some plants alive!

Ate some delicious wheat free pizza that my husband made.

Enjoyed some cooler weather after a hot August in Texas. 

Tried to potty train this fellow and after 4 wet accidents in less than four hours this Saturday I'm thinking of giving potty training a break. Benson 4 - Mom 0. 

i cant do it, unless Sophie is on the phone....

May 2, 2014

thrifted skirt, Mia heels (old), Target tee, Forever 21 sunglasses, necklace made by me, Wet and Wild red velevet megalast lipstick

i swear i cant get started doing ONE freaking useful thing unless i call (preferably Facetime) Sophie... i am completely dependent

 if i remember correctly this is a picture of Sophie demanding that i take pictures and that i was a lazy bum and a beyond terrible blogger (not really, shes very positive with her motivating...she is bossy though)

i feel like i know im a grown-up... my age tells me so... its just that i thought i would feel super different, like be all organized and keep a perfectly clean house and know my schedule really well and be prepared for everything and be extremely self motivated..... etc... at least by the time i was in my "early thirties"
well friends im 32 years old and i dont "feel" different... i was a super grown-up child so maybe thats why... i always had to be responsible so there was no real life change... plus we started our family young, i spent my twenties as a mom..
i think now Sophie is the oldest... 
Sophie can take the reigns...
every time she comes to visit she cleans my microwave..
so my microwave is clean once a year...

im not a total wreck, i just love to sort and organize and hate to put things back, i love folding laundry but i hate running it and loathe putiing it away, i like things picked up but i could give a crap about dusting... 
do you see my problem...
So i call Sophie 
and somehow i get off my butt and do my dishes...
Thanks Soph!
PS. You're the oldest now


MIlitary Ballin

Apr 28, 2014

Let me tell you what, it is really fun to have an event that you need to get all dressed up for. Getting ready for the military ball was half the fun. The other half was sitting at our table and observing the ruckus, hilarious and occasionally inappropriate behavior of the other soldiers. Some of the army traditions are really weird but it's those traditions that make going to a ball once a year really fun. 
I found my dress on Venus... a website I never would have found unless the person who used to live in our home didn't get a monthly catalog.
My dress is no longer available but HERE is my second pick! Cute, huh?

rings... Nordstrom rack and Etsy

I added the sleeves... which are made out of material from a pair of old (aka untouched in 6 years) "Jazz pants"
Then I went to Ross and found a tacky mesh shirt for 5.00 which I cut up and inserted into the back of the dress. I wore a nude camisole underneath.

 I wore a pair of strappy Nine West heels (a total "go to" pair in my closet).
The craziest part of the night was that it totally snowed... or "iced" I should say. Yeah, that's right. Here in Texas. NUTS. The ball was back in January but I've got to admit I'm still eyeing formals... 
Selina says she'll make my next one! OOOOHHHH the possibilities!!

Face tiiiiiime

Apr 26, 2014

Someone had a cavity filled... 
I made her face time with me immediately after of course.
Very quickly the laughter escalated and what meant to be a blackmail Quasimodo picture of Selina turned out to be a blackmail Joker picture of myself...

Why yes, that is a hole.... in a very unfortunate place.

And this is how we answer the phone...

And here is where we are comparing our see-through morning hair.

Face time has been down all week which is really unfortunate for my collection of awkward screen shots.
Lets hope it starts working again soon.

lankiness... and a give away!

Apr 24, 2014

Is "lankiness" a word?

who cares i guess cause Cora is pure lankiness... 
just noodle arms and legs and knobby knees and elbows

watching this little lunatic in dance all year has been quite hysterical... just throwing her noodle arms and legs around like a crazy ragdoll..
pure joy really

she's a very bendy kid with hardly any control... until recently anyway... 
she has suddenly become quite the little dancer as her technique has really clicked in..
quite a transformation! (not one i was expecting lets just be honest!)

you see im not "that" mom... 
you know, the one who thinks their kids can do no wrong and are THE most talented...
dont get me wrong, my girls have major potential (but this is my dance teacher perspective... a flexible gangly child has the potetial to do great things if they work hard)
i just dont assume they are the best or can do it all... or sometimes anything at all... i just sit back and wait, and watch and then suddenly she does a completely split Grande jete with straight knees and pointed toes and i am shocked out of my mind! MY lanky child did that?
alright thats it.
shes gonna be a professional ballerina obviously.
and then two seconds later she leaps over to me with bent knees and flexed duck feet and says 
"mom did you see what i did!!!?"

 yes you sweet scrawny kid... i saw you... it was perfect!
if you love Cora's  twirly Rollercoaster dress you are in luck!
leave a comment below and enter to win a $50 gift card of girly twirly goodness to Matilda Jane!!!
{we love Matilda Jane!!}

still hibernating....

Jan 9, 2014

yes i realize that Michigan doesn't look anything like this at the moment... "snow-pacalypse" has hit us hard snagging us 3 extra days of vacation (one of which i spent puking my guts) on account of the roads being literal ice rinks and negative double digit temps...
i hate weather.
so up go some pics of a sunny day and green grass..
a girl can dream...

speaking of dreamy...

 tee hee..

{in other non-important news, giant earrings make me happy...}

today Soph and i talked/snort laughed about how we always discuss our amazing/genius ideas and then never do them/document them...
i smell a new years resolution coming on...
i mean for real we are a couple of blog slackers and its high time we got off our butts and sat down at the computer... on our butts.
i mean we were booted off a "fashion blogger list" because we dont blog frequently enough AND Sydney keeps stealing all our ideas straight out of our heads {clearly we came up with all her effortless goodness and she is a mind reader... or we lie. ok. we lie}
to top it all off i have hit all time lazy girl status hitting 2,000 followers on pinterest which is only possible if you are trolling pinterest 10x's per day EVERY day.. {for real EVERY pin is a re-pin i kid you not!}
its time to get off my butt 2014!
{i guess ill take sophie with me}

Can I try it on now, mom!!!?

Jan 1, 2014

We got the most fun package from Matilda Jane Clothing! They have such beautifully made items and Eden took one look at the cute patterns and said "Can I try it on NOW?" She had been feeling sick the past few days but sure enough a new outfit made this girl feel like jumping on the trampoline!

Matilda Jane has the most darling stuff for kids and really cute stuff for women too.
Sooo we want to share with you a $50.00 gift card so you can see for yourself.  Just drop us a comment and we will draw a name in a week! Happy New Year :)

Sisters, sisters

Dec 12, 2013

We may live far away from each other but we have found ways to stay close:
We send each other loving text messages...

We help each other make outfits but more importantly we tell each other what not to wear... ("That headband like that.", "That lumpy cowl neck top." or "That ugly turtle neck.")

 We motivate each other to get things done...(washing dishes, making dinner, getting out of bed in the morning or helping each other find new ways to cut onions with out crying...)

We... well, ummm... lets just say we try to answer the call by seeing who can make a more "creative" face than the other.

Our love is just so.... "special"

merry merry merry

Dec 9, 2013

Tops: c/o Skip n' Whistle Top, Neaklace: blogger exchange, Skirt: c/o Eshakti similar, Shoes: Nine West thrifted Similar

Brent came with me to my dance studios Christmas party... there was about one guy there for every 25 women...  He was a great sport and a handsome date. 
We have been getting all sorts of surprises ready for our little family's Christmas this year. We didn't have many traditions growing up so I feel like I am a crazy "traditions!" person. We've made gingerbread houses, drank lots of hot chocolate and decorated our tree. This Saturday we are taking Eden to see the Nutcracker and I can't even wait!! 
Dance parties turned crazy wrestle tickle fights have got to be my favorite holiday event so far... we are averaging about one every other night.


PS I am in love with my unicorn Christmas T-shirt... Skip n' Whistle you've done it again.

surviving traveling with toddlers

Nov 26, 2013

We all love traveling with toddlers during the holidays, right? Yeah... no. 
This April we made a big move from Utah to Texas. We spent 3 days in the car with our 1 year old and 3 year old... and we survived. I figured with all the lovely traveling that happens this time of year I would share what got us through. Here are some fun things I scored for the trip!

 Dry erase boards...
 Clip boards and crayons...
 Metal tins and magnets...
 Felt color boards...
 Pipe cleaner!!
 Microphones for backseat singing...
 Stickers and blank books...
 Distracting toys...
 Connecting links...
 Play phones...
 And the secret weapon... Light up toys!
 I stashed everything in this bag and put it behind my seat...
 We survived 3 days of travel with very few melt downs! What has worked for you? How do you keep the kiddies entertained while traveling?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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