Create your own Boyfriend jeans for 6 dollars

Apr 9, 2010

I absolutely love this trend. What a great way to add edge to a pair of lighter demin!
Jcrew (as seen above) styles the boyfriend jean perfectly.
On my search to find them for myself I was dissapointed to see most pairs 30 dollars or more.
SO how do you get this style for less????

I didn't have to look very long before I found these at my local thrift store...

Mark with a pen where your knee hits or where you would like to add some distress.

Cut out two parrallel lines.

With tweezers pull out the threads running vertically.

You should be left with something like this...

Now, cuff up the legs and throw on some heals.

Too easy.
Sister #2

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  1. totally dying over these! making them tomorrow!


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