A Fashionable Mom..

May 8, 2010

(sis#1, sis#3, MOM, sis#4, sis#2)

How amazing is our MOM!
(bet you didn't know which one she was)

She taught us every stylish thing we (think) we know ;) 
Our eyebrows (would be a furry disaster if it weren't for her plucking skills)
Our "hair bravery" (i.e. color, scissors and razor adventures, mom has been every cut color and style)
Our shoe obsession (all of us can love a beautiful shoe so fiercely that we want to lick it)
Our make-up skills (she was once a make-up artist herself)
Our "make it work on NO budget" attitude (she showed us that style is about how creative you are, not how much money you have)

Thanks Mom! we love you!

<3 the girls


  1. CUTE! Your mom looks like she's about 20!!

  2. You were right....without your subnote I would never have known which of you was MOM. I love that you have so much regard for your Mom....seems like she is a big part of who you are. Meaning she must have invested a lot of herself in you as you were growing up. Awesome Mom.


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