Add some pretty petals to your swim suit: DIY

Jun 17, 2010

Step One: Pick a plain suit. I bought this suit last year on the Gap Clearance rack for 6.98. At the time I was large and pregnant and hoped for a better slimmer summer the next year.

 Step Two: Cut out squares: 2 inches by 2 inches (I never really measure every single one it takes too long, I just mostly guess)
NOTE: You have to use dance/swimwear fabric. It feels like swim suit materiel and drys like it too.
 Step Three: Fold in half. 
 Step Four: Fold in quarters.
 Step Five: Cut out heart shape. See Selina's post here for another explanation.

 Step Six: I cut the heart in half because they were a little too bulky and hand sewed them right on to the suit with black thread. I used 2-3 tack down stitches for each petal.

Sister #1 and I live petty FAR apart, she is in Michigan and I am in Utah...

In our dreams we are neighbors.

So to make the best of it we Skype and talk on the phone just about everyday.
We clean our house and blog with eachother just hanging out on the phone.

HAHA so today I am talking to my sister on the phone and she yelled to her kids "HEY GIRLS!, STAY IN THE BACK YARD OKAY?..................(No answer)...................UNLESS YOU'RE IN THE HOUSE"
I don't think she knows exactly where they are.

Love her.



  1. So cute! Love this... You are my MOST talented friend, I love you!

  2. This is adorable! And I totally love sister #1, who is almost my neighbor, she is hilarious! I am sure I would love all of you if we were all real neighbors! ;)

  3. I love it! I have a similar swim suit and I just may have to start hunting down some fabric to embellish it.

  4. Genius! Love it. I wish I could meet you in person too. Selina talks about you all the time.


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