Scrappy Petal Tank

Jun 30, 2010

 i have WAY too many stupid scraps!!! i always tell myself i will make some sort of cute hair-thing out of every little tiny extra nothing... who needs that many freaking hair-things!! well... ok... my girls think they do :)

i was having a tinkerbell moment when this came to me...

a cute pink tank from H&M

check out that price (totally made my day)

tons of scraps cut into big fat petals
(i NEVER measure... sorry but big or small this will be adorable!)

make little "petal sandwiches" right sides together

stitch the the curvy edge leaving the straight edge open


flip right side out (press if you want... but i'm lazy so i didn't)

i used 12 or 13 petals and over lapped them a bit
i let Eva pin them in a circle and put them in any order she wanted
all pinned together it should be about 1 1/2 times the width around your childs hips

run a gathering stitch ( the longest stitch setting on your machine) along the straight edge
GENTLY pull on the bobbin thread to gather your petals (there is a ton of fabric so go slow or the thead will break) until your petal skirt is about the same width around as your tank

attach  the skirt to the tank with a zig-zag stitch

after the zig-zag is in you can either pick out the gathering stitch or stretch the skirt till it breaks...

i added some YOYOs to the neckline because it needed an extra little something!
all done... super easy.... now YOU try :)



  1. I LOVE IT!! That is the cutest ting I have seen in a LONG time. I would totally buy that and spend a lot of money on it no less! You cannot find anything that cute in the stores and my daughter would LOVE IT!!! I wish I had your abilities, but even though I don't, I think I might give this one a try. Can't resist!

  2. Awe! I have 3 little boys (all under 3 - eek!) but seriously, there's got to be SOME random little girl that I can make this for!! I am SO going to make this :) It's SOOOO adorable! Your ideas get me so excited!! <3 your blog!!!

  3. Wow, great job! That is some good sewing. It turned out so cute! Way to use all your scraps!

    I would love for you to check out my blog for a fun giveaway!

  4. Whoops, it's Sorry!

  5. So cute Selina! You know I adore this!

  6. I love your blog! I'm so glad that I found it through a friend's. I love how creative you all are... That's why I want your help. One of my biggest issues is skirts/dresses that are just a few inches too short. Do you have any ideas for extending the length in a cute/hip way? I would love to see your ideas. Thanks!

    1. Maybe add a ruffle? That's always been my go to fix for anything too short lol

  7. That is FABULOUS!!! I'm going to go look for a discount tank for my daughter so I can make one for her!

    I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  8. I love this, adding it to my to-do list! Awesome!

  9. Cute! I made a tinkerbell-dress a while ago, and my daughter would love go Tinkerbell style all the time. She's 4...

  10. Oh my love it simple but so stinking cute, i have a butt load of little girl tutorials on my blog if you would like to check it out i'll be following for sure :)


  11. Oh I love it.Very,very beautifull.

  12. super cute!! I only have 2 little boys, who pretty much loathe anything where the word petals is involoved, so I'm going to have to make one of these cute shirts for me!

  13. This is very adorable. I love the touches of the flowers at the top of the tanktop.

    Question: How do you sew on yo-yo's? Seems a bit silly but I can't think of a solution. Do you just sew it on by hand of the plain circle side of the yoyo onto the shirt?

    eplusjustin at yahoo dot com
    Just Better Together

  14. I think this is beautiful = )

  15. I just came accross this tutorial. HOW ADORABLE!! My daughters would love this. I just might have to try it out !! Thanks!!


  16. Bonnie Baker88April 21, 2011

    How do you make the Yoyos?

  17. here is the link to the yoyo post

    its super easy!


  18. Completely LOVE this refashion!  Having a quick Tank Refashion Party (inspired by Old Navy's sale this weekend) and would LOVE it if you linked up this awesome idea!

  19. This is absolutely grand daughters will love it....!!!!!

  20. I can't wait to make this for my  year old granddaughter. She loves to dress funky.

  21. I can't wait to make this tank for my 7 year old granddaughter.  She loves to dress funky.

  22. This is sooo cute  I will make it for my G. Grandaughter

  23. ur designs r so cute!!! :)

  24. Happy GrandmaApril 10, 2012

    I made one for my 2 year old granddaughter on Saturday.  I made the petals a little too small, but it is still cute.  I will make more, thank you for a great idea.

  25. Gcsmith1221April 11, 2012

    Going to make for granddaughter - thank you

  26. I have each of my Grandkids for Grammy Day each summer. We pick a project to to together...think I just found this years project!

  27. I love this!! I'm currently making a ruffle skirt tank dress for a friends daugters birthday, also been commissioned to embelish tanks for her other two girls, 4 & 9. It's a picnic theme so I appliqued cherries on the birthday dress & a a baby ant on her youngests top. Wanted something a little more fashionable for the tween & I think this is perfect :o)

  28. Fabulous working! i think this is best idea to stitch kids apparel..I will stitch it for my niece she will love it!thanks for sharing!

  29. Just thinking the same thing.


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