Thrifted Things Thursday

Jun 24, 2010

 I totally DIED when I saw these in the little boy's shoe section at the Provo DI (Thrift store). 
They were exactly what I had been searching for and SO on trend right now.
Was it magic??... I think so.

The oxford shoe for women is too much fun. When thrifting for them don't forget to look in the men's shoes or in my case little boy's... (I wear a 7)

These are Steve Maddens that can be found at Nordstrom.
I love this whole entire outfit... SO fabulous and SO simple.

Happy thrifting~


  1. Wow, what a great find. I always forget about the boys department (I'm a 7 too)

  2. So completely jealous!! I have been wanting some forever!! Nice find girl!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  3. i am also a size 7 in shoes...sometimes it's good to be reminded to look in places you wouldn't normally look. i got a fabulous pair of red sneakers from a thrift store once that said they were a size 4, but looked like they'd fit me - and they did! people told me maybe they were mens' shoes, but i don't think so - they have sparkles! ;)

    awesome find, though. i have a pair of oxford tap shoes (i'm a tap dancer) that aren't the best to dance in, but are really cute. i should take the taps off and wear them around town! :)

  4. extremely jealous.

    i want to be thifting.

    i also want those fantastic shoes.

    yep. like i said... way jealous!


  5. VenaL2012May 24, 2012

    great job, as a mom of 7 I also frequent thrift stores, and "modify" clothing


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