Teeny tiny twirl skirt... and a skirt for mommy too!

Jul 31, 2010

Step 1: measure your length from you or baby's natural waist to knee... add about an inch for your hem.
Eden's was 6 inches...She is a tiny peanut.

Step 2: Measure your natural waist and double it for your width and add an inch for your seam.
Eden's was 33 inches.
Step 3: You should have a very long rectangle of fabric cut out so stitch the two short ends together.
I added a zig zag stitch to avoid fraying.

Step 4: Next do a gathering stitch across the top (which ever side you choose to be your top)
A gathering stitch is the same thing basically as doing a ruffle so I will send you to the best source I know for an easy tutorial at  ruffles and stuff , it helped me figure it out.
Step 5: Hang on to the bottom thread and pull your fabric gently along to gather it.

Step 6: The trickiest part for me was attaching the elastic. My husband kept hearing me Hmmmmmph, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ~sigh~, and AHHHH while making my first skirt. So heres the tips I figured out...
A. measure your waist and cut the elastic 3 inches smaller.
B. Sew the ends of the elastic together.
C. With the right side of your elastic and the right side of the fabric facing each other pin them both together aligning the edge of the elastic with the edge of the gathered side.
D. Using a Zig Zag stitch sew the elastic to the fabric.
I am kicking myself for not having a picture!!!!

Step 7: Break out the iron and press a small fold on the bottom... then fold and press it over one more time.
Step 8: Sew along the hem you created with the iron with a strait stitch.

TA DA!!!
You are finished!
Okay so maybe I was sweating by the time I got done but I am a VERY beginning seamstress.

The first time Eden wore her skirt was to the zoo... and I die over this picture every time I see it. Not to mention her daddy looks pretty good in it too...swoon.


  1. I love the Mommy and Me outfits. So precioius!


  2. ah she is so cute. And wearing the other shirt you have a tutorial for. I love these skirts!

  3. I love this! You did a great job.

  4. Ahhhh, she is adorable!! And I absolutely love it when my daughter and I match.

  5. That looks like a great idea for me and my daughter. I understand your frustration, because I am a beginner sewer too.

  6. great skirt pattern :) she's such a cutie!

    Just Better Together

  7. adorable!  makes me want a little girl now!


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