Sister #1's closet... sort-of.

Aug 23, 2010

ok, so i don't actually have a closet... its like a corner in my bed room... 
we live in a tiny bungalo so the "master bedroom" is the entire 2nd floor and there is this akward wall that juts out into the middle of the room... so i thought why can't that spot behind the wall BE my closet!


the jc penny around the corner went out of business so i went to the sale in search of 

retail clothing racks!!!

i have tried to put plastic ones in my little spot but they fall over...
in the middle of the night!

 sturdy metal retail rack, $35! adjustable, compact (sort-of)
all my clothes fit!


my shoes have their own closet....

do you want to come in?

flat shoes don't get a shelf...

my husband...
 he saw sophies post on her closet and said...
"i started that, how come you never feature me?"

so here is his closet..

it is always organized... and mine is not.
 there you go sweetie
you have been featured!

~selina (sis#1)


  1. oh my! you have a lot of shoes! I'm pretty jealous! haha! I have a very limited collection because of how much we've moved. :( but I am starting to add more.

  2. oh my gosh can I just swap out all of my shoes for yours. I've never seen such a huge colorful collection! Love that you put your clothes one sale racks!

  3. I am in shoe heaven... wow... speechless. I want I want I want! Great idea to pick up the clothing racks from the retail store!


  4. Oh my heck can I have your shoes?!?!?! Are we the same size? I doubt it.

  5. Did you inherite Imelda Marcos's shoe collection?
    I have like 3 pairs of shoes.
    So pathetic!

  6. You should let everyone know that you got most of your shoes on clearance!! :) I miss a good Michigan clearance sale!!

  7. Completely jealous of your shoe closet and your husbands not bad either. haha

  8. HOLY CRAP SELINA!!!! First off can we exchange closets? And second I am obsessed with those blue platforms in pic 6 of the shoes!!! So so so ahhhmazing!


    Come check out my Fashion Link Party Weekend Wear every Wednesday!!!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  9. Morgan,
    those particular blue platforms were 5 bucks!
    aren't they a tiny bit cuter when they're cheaper?

  10. Congrats on the rack find! Awesome. And I just love seeing what shoes you are going to wear next. I recognized some that I've seen you wear, but others have yet to make their debut(to me). You must wear those gray and white stripe ones with the red bow....oh so CUTE!

  11. oh my gosh ... that is so many shoes!! i just paired my collection down significantly last year ... it was never quite as large as yours, but i do still share that shoe love!

  12. Wow! Look at all those shoes. Love them! My husband always said I had a lot of shoes (he was seriously delusional, I had like ten pair!). I dream of the day where I have a whole wall of shoes!


  13. Gosh, so envy of your tons of shoes dear :)

  14. holy shoes batman. love them...all.....totally jealous!!!


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