Thrifted Things Thursday

Aug 5, 2010

This navy skirt was 1 dollar.
High waist skirts are such an awesome trend,
they are incredibly flattering and can be found in plenty at your local thrift store!
Sister #1 found this skirt thrifting in Michigan then it went from Mom to Sister #4... we are a million miles away and yet we still manage to steal each others clothes.
Happy Thrifting!
~Sister #2

Thank you sister #4 for your sweet trampoline moves.


  1. I love this skirt. I totally know what you mean by clothes just floating around. Me and my sisters do the exact same thing.

  2. Love the belt & skirt!
    ..and the moves!

  3. I want a trampoline JUST so I can take groovy pictures like that! Cute thrifted find! I wish I could thrift... Must.. control... the... urge! You gals are the best!


  4. So cute! And I really like your sister's calves... nice!

  5. cute skirt! and lovely modeling! :) these pics look like they belong in a magazine!

  6. Cute skirt and really cool pictures!


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