Eva's school style

Sep 16, 2010

Everything on this child in this post is from target... not intentionally... target is just so cool! some of the things like this jacket were thrifted target! even better right! i would WEAR this outfit... if the flats were heels, of course...

velvet jacket
embelished tank
skinny cargos
cheeta flats

this little military button down kills me! i would completely rock this shirt in a heart beat!

military blue and white striped top
brown knee high boots

The top and shorts were both thrifted target finds... and this vest has a racer back that makes me so happy... she was wearing a chunky necklace but it ended up in the bottom of her backpack

yellow striped tee
denim racer back vest
tan and cream striped shorts
brown knee high boots

i am so lucky that she still lets me dress her most of the time, sooner or later she will start to have her own major ideas and i won't stifle her creativity... but for now i am her "stylist" and i love it! i know that her friends don't care what she wears and most second grade girls will wear anything as long as its bright and sparkly... Eva simply loves getting dressed in anything stylish... i can't wait to see what her personal style becomes...

~selina (sis#1)

the pleated poppy blog


  1. How adorable is she!!!!
    I think you need to go professionally into styling! Lots of celebs could use your help.

  2. tooo cute! What beautiful girls....how fun to be able to dress other people. Is that a good enough reason to have kids?

  3. This actually makes me a little bit sad. ;) I'm not as trendy as a young lady!!! I need her help! Hahaha! She looks DARLING!

  4. I love it. She is so darling!! Don't worry - she is going to be stylin' just like her mama.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  5. Very impressive. Can you style me? I love how her modeling totally goes with the outfit.

    Her friends may not notice but I bet her teacher does.

  6. It is sheer ridiculousness just how much cuter your second grader is than me ha ha ha. If this is what your kids are wearing maybe I need to step up my game :) You have great taste!

  7. yikes! she is the cutest ever!! i hope my daughters dress like her when they are older!

  8. She has the cutest style ever! Not to mention she is gorgeous! And also I totally bought those cargo pants in the big girl section a couple weeks ago! Twins!! Thanks so much for linking up guys and for all your support you're my fave!

  9. Very cute and stylish! Love it all. My daughter was sure of what SHE wanted to wear from the time she could say no, which was a bummer for me. :) Very cool that you get to style her up so nice, have funn!!!


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