Livy style...

Sep 9, 2010

i (sis#1) am writing this because Livy would never say the things i'm about to say about herself..

she has the most ROCKIN' awesome style on the planet! She totally shops on the cheap unless she finds a pair of shoes that she can't "Liv" without 
these are heels... fooled me at first... yum right?! total splurge but worth it!

her leggings were express $5 clearance
large mens T Target clearance
faded denim button down Target clearance
skinny beaded bracelet made by my bro. Mitch
I don't know who the shoes are by...

i love this outfit because she made a large mens T have shape and personality by pairing it with a fitted button down and leggings... but lets be honest... the SHOES put the outfit on another level!

~Selina (sis#1)

Photographs by Sophie, sis#2


  1. Those are great pictures of LIV, she looks great!

  2. WOW!! Liv looks great look....and for so little. You know, it's great for others to see that great style doesn't have to cost a fortune!!
    (Wish you could convince my daughter)

    It's all about knowing what YOU want out of your clothes, and not just wearing the fashion formulas from the magazines.


  3. Those shoes really do make the outfit. I'm a total deal finder too. I literally go straight to the clearance rack and refuse to look at anything else.

  4. Those shoes are sooooooooooo CUTE! yes they were worth whatever they cost!


  5. It kind of makes me hate you guys a little bit that you are ALL so stinkin gorgeous and stylish, but I love you too much to truly hate you! :) Plus you totally helped MY style!!

  6. Elaine you are totally right.... as soon as i saw your comment i remembered! the shoes are 80%20
    not cheap but original and rockin'!

  7. Obsessed pretty much with everything! Can I just be one of you guys PLEASE!! Thanks for the link up love!!


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