mini golf... sisters style

Sep 24, 2010

 Livy and i went on a little mini golf excursion with some of the fam when i was visiting CA... here is what we wore....

triped tee- snagged from Liv
jeggings- macy's clearance $10
tan boots- jessica Simpson TJ max clearance $30
sun glasses- H&M $3
yellow bracelets- made by me
huge slouchy bag- hand-me-down from my stylish friend Tasha

mini golfing (badly) in heels... priceless

white slouchy tee- snagged from my suitcase
skinny zipper jeans- ross
tan over the shoulder bag- no idea, but don't you want one?
buckle-y suede platform wedges- sam edelman $90 online (thats a deal!)
she is also wearing a navy jersey sleeve necklace made by me
crazy curls... her own

golfing better than me in heels (but still, badly) also priceless

lets get a closer look at those heels....yum... i am having heart palpitations.... i put those on my feet (well to be honest, i pinned Livy down and yanked them violently off her feet and gently buckled them onto mine) ~sigh~

we are both entirely too vain to mini golf in flats... ok so thats just me... Livy was wearing heels because she loved these shoes so much she could't bear to part with them for even a few hours...

we have problems.

~selina (sis#1)


  1. I wear heels daily so whenever we find ourselves on an outing like Mini golf I am always sporting the heels. I think by now I could race my son in them and still win. Looks like a fun day

  2. I love that you wear heels everywhere. It makes me want to be braver and wear heels more! I like how you are true to yourself and your personality, even if other people think it's weird to grocery shop in heels! You guys both look really cute, and I do love her shoes too (and yours)!

  3. You all look amazing! I'm loving the Sam Edelman shoes. Who doesn't?

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  4. LOL! ya'll are WAY too cute! love the mini golf in heels!


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