Modest is hottest

Sep 14, 2010

So my dearest friend Jenna is getting married and I am so lucky to get to share the special day with her! Here are the bridesmaid dresses....
So fabulous right??

... Quite pricey but I'm not gonna lie being a bridesmaid is a GREAT opportunity to splurge!!
I LOVE weddings. They are such happy/special/magical days.
Let me know what you think of the dress and of the rest of the amazing and MODEST dresses at Shabby Apple!


  1. That must be the greatest bridesmaid dress ever!

  2. Love the sleeves and the dress looks like it would be flattering on most body types, always a plus if your not a size 0

  3. This dress is so pretty and oh so modest at the same time :)

    Just Better Together

  4. I love this so cute! I love the Yosemite dress with all the layers of ruffles too. Lucky girl!!

  5. I really like the shape and detail to that dress. Very cool.

  6. That dress is so beautiful! You are going to look fabulous in it.

  7. Awe.... thanks!

    I LOVE the Yosemite dress too!

  8. I love Shabby Apple-but I can't afford a thing! I'm holding out for Christmas and birthday :)

    Btw, isn't it a relief to be in a wedding party and not have to worry about what the bride will pick?

  9. Wow I didn't even know they were a modest store until you posted this. I love that dress, and they have so much cute stuff! I wish I was rich and could afford everything I want!


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