Loving fall ... not so much the snow though.

Oct 28, 2010

Seriously, it snowed yesterday... and as pretty and magical as snow can be I don't want to see it or deal with it until I'm hearing holiday music and dreaming of a white Christmas.
So.... this outfit started with the requirement of water proof footwear.
Scarf: H&M 6.00, Striped Button down: JCREW thrifted 4.00, Belt: Thriftred 1.50, Jeans: Old Navy 0.97, Boots: GAP outlet 15-20 dollars... I don't remember, Flower Ring: Forever21 3.00

Okay, can I rant for a second???
My camera is not that great... okay it sucks! It has been good to me but it has been dropped one too many times. Taking pics of myself is hard enough, oh how I dream of a fancy camera!  ... with pictures that don't turn out grainy and blurry!
Well my little camera can still do some things right...
After some of the snow melted yesterday I was looking out my window at a newly "autumned" tree with the sun lighting it up so beautifully so out I went to capture the magic.
I wonder if my neighbors think I'm weird walking around taking pictures of trees...

I enjoyed myself and I hope you enjoy these pictures.
You'd never guess they were taken with the same camera, huh?
It's amazing what good light can do.


  1. Good lighting can make all the difference. I also have a dropped too many times camera :) But it still doe sit job right (sometimes).

    Just Better Together

  2. You are just the CUTEST friend I have! Oh and good photog skills, the trees look "whimsical!" He he! :)

  3. i would just about sell my hair for a new camera. except then i wouldn't want to take any pictures of myself.
    i really love this scarf. i wish it were cool enough here for scarves. perhaps in december?


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