Raiding Cory's Closet......

Oct 26, 2010

Typically i don't raid my hubby's closet... not because he doesn't have cute stuff, its more like the enormous difference in size and height...  i am a little shrimp (5'2 1/2".... the half inch is very important to me) i have narrow shoulders and chicken legs... he is 6'4" 215lbs huge broad shoulders muscular legs... ok you get the point! :)

i have tried wearing his shirts with a cute belt and leggings and it always looks ridiculous! the shoulder seams are usually at my elbows... there is simply no way to fix that with out ripping apart his shirts and putting them back together (which i have done many times to his cast offs) 
THIS sweater, however, has raglan sleeves! its still HUGE but i can totally steal it. when worn with the right proportions... it totally works!

ok, so the sleeves are totally gigantic... but cozy and cool, no?
XXL cashmere sweater Old Navy clearance $5
Guess Skinny jeans (Cory's Favorite) Macy's Clearance $8
Grey granny booties Payless $10
necklace made by me
necklace Macy's clearance $4
necklace can't remember! $1

MORE necklaces please!

here is what Cora wore..

 everything on her (with the exception of her leggings) is a hand-me-down from her big sis

sweater and powder pink dress Old Navy clearance
"denim looking" leggings Target $6
chocolate brown "cow girl" boots walmart $10
Diva pose... her own

goodness, what am i gonna do with her!



  1. You look so cute and comfortable! My husband is not that big and i'm defiantly not even close to being that skinny, i love to steal his shirts, sweaters, watches, church socks and so on. It's fun!!

  2. I'd NEVER look that cute in something of Daves...

  3. Your hubby is crazy tall! And I thought my parents had a huge height difference!

    You look fab with your hubbys sweater on.

    Guess jeans for $8?! WHAT! Please share!

    Just Better Together
    Just Better Together

  4. Cute! I fear I'd look like a fool in my hub's clothing. The look with the sweater you have on totally works though! I might have to go sweater hunting on his side of the closet...

  5. I love your outfit! And Cora is such a trend setter!! SO great!


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