Stained Tee recycle

Oct 21, 2010

there are so many cool ways to re-vamp an old Tee and make it new again... especially if you have little girls!
 i made this one ages ago, by hand (i used to be crazy) it was an old Aeropostal top that had a stain right down the middle.... so i chopped that stain out by cutting a strip about 3 inches wide out of the center front and back.

 stitched it back together and added grosgrain ribbon and big huge buttons down the front 

gotta cover up that pink butterfly...

fix those gaping sleeves...
a little pin here and a tuck there...

all done, super easy! 
i have washed this shirt over and over and it still looks great...
(i have a fear that everything i sew will fall appart as soon as i wash it, so i am always surprised and relieved when things survive my horrid laundering skills)



  1. CUTE! Is that one of your old shirts made smaller for the girls? Love it!

  2. You all are so gorgeous! And this shirt redo is complete genius! I LOVE your cousin ... she is just the sweetest and most stylish girl ever! So glad you commented so I could find your blog! LOVE.


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