a grouchy day, and a Blue Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

Nov 19, 2010

 i was having kind of a slow, grouchy morning and usually only 2 things will make me feel better... make-up and SHOES... 
 so a smokey eye and some serious platform booties ought to do the trick!
...sort of...
is it just me, or does the winter get you down too? i grew up in CA and i still got bummed when the weather got cooler... am i just a big complainer? 
"whiney little annoying complainer girl... BE GRATEFUL"

Self, be grateful for the little things! the things you don't always notice... that your furnace works and scarves are warm and stylish AND you love booties! you have a healthy kooky family full of comedians... you suck at cooking but you make really great salad. Eva can pick out half-way descent outfits on her own, Cora can use scizzors all by her self and Cory comes home @ 4:30! get off your hiney and DO something, anything! make something pretty, organize something, finish at least one project...you lazy bum! 

now THAT is better...
what i really need is an attitude of GRATITUDE
its better than shoes or shopping or smokey eyes

 all you need to know is that those amazing boots are from Charlotte Russe
 (and that they were $5, yep, i said $5)


ps don't forget to check out Sophies video tutorial on scarves below... we had some problems getting the post up...and the sound is still off but you will get the idea!

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  1. I totally hear ya, winter always makes me grouchy...and all of my open toed shoes are pretty grouchy it's winter too!

  2. You are gorgeous. Thanks for the tips...and I love that top photo!!

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! And love your outfit!

  4. can i just say you're super hot? there, i said it.


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