apple cinnamon tea and surprises

Dec 17, 2010

I love surprises and I love Christmas shopping. I love listening to my husband and making mental notes of things he needs/wants for Christmas so I know what to get him with out him saying anything.  I love doing sneaky things, It's such a rush. For example, on Halloween I doorbell ditched cookies from a "Halloween ghost" my heart was pounding and I was elated for the entire night...over cookies!..  and the sounds of the delighted kiddo's behind the door.

Cardi: Plato's Closet (2nd hand store) 8.00
Striped shirt: Old Navy 8.00
Jeggings: DEB 8.00
Boots: Nordstrom Steve Madden (gift last year for Christmas)
Gold watch: Target 5.00
Wooden leaf necklace: gifted from MOM

I love this herbal tea. So delicious, warmed me right up! I woke up to a snowy day, which is lovely coupled with merry holiday tunes... not so much when it won't go away in May.
Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea~ Celestial Seasonings


  1. I have that same tea, and it is so good on a cold day! Have you had Celestial Seasoning's seasonal Christmas teas? They have a gingerbread, sugar cookie, and sugar plum. The gingerbread and sugar plum are great! But try sugar cookie at your own risk...


  2. Um, this post just made me love you even more! You're so sweet. I wish I lived near you girls because I know we'd have a blast.

    Love those boots!

  3. You are sooo cute!! I love your boots. I am getting some kind of like them, but lighter for!!

  4. Making me in the christmas spirit!
    Even though there is snow outside of my window right now.
    I have a very similar tea, I love it!
    Also where is your nail varnish from?!

    Thank you for following us!! :)
    Bloglovin too :

  5. I just love your blog! I just had to follow you! I have this shirt and love it...i think i wear it too much. But those boots are also super cute.
    You sisters are adorable!!!


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