Cora and Eva do a "makeup tutorial"

Dec 30, 2010

 Cora and i discovered that the dollar store has great play make-up and that her and Eva needed their own... its very important
 this is how its done mom...
 first you take the applicator and smash as much pink eyeshadow as that thing can hold..
 then you yank your eyebrow up as high as it will go and coat your lid from brow to lashes with bubble-gum pink...
 for the lipstick make sure you smear it as hard as you can back and forth, back and forth, until the tip breaks off...
NOW you look pretty.

~Eva & Cora

ps. they told me yesterday they want their own utube channel and think i should post more of their ideas on the blog... 


  1. hahahaha, how cool is this?? :D
    eva & cora know how it works ;)

  2. Haha, this just made my day(:

    -aBBi giRL

  3. That is completely adorable...LOVE this blog oh so much. I've gotten about a bazillion ideas already from spending just a few minutes on this page. The idea of clothes swapping is genious! Me and my sissy will definitely have to do this when we no longer live together. I don't think we could make it without each other's clothes! Much New Years cheer and love!!!

  4. Ha-freakin-larious!! Love love love those girls. Miss u guys!!

  5. Adorable! Pink is definitely her color.

  6. This is a happy Christmas with your loved ones a peaceful start to the year and the year of the same beauty of all I wish to pass .. :)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ....!

  7. Aww! They're absolutely adorable! And I couldn't help but laugh at the captions/instructions you had to match. LOL


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