fancy shoulders.... out of Dollar T's

Jan 8, 2011

we DIE for the dollar store! especially when they sell irregular tees!! i found these pretty green ones at my local Dollar Tree and just knew they were meant for greatness... well, fanciness at least.

i used the big light green one for my ruffles...  i cut straight across arm pit to arm pit..
then i straightened out the bottom edge...
and divided what was left into 3 equal pieces... ( i only use 2 of them)
the only change i made to the shirt was to trim or seam rip any finished edge because i like the raw edges best!

i then took my strips and ran a gathering stitch (the longest stitch on your machine) in the center of each loop... pull gently on the bobbin thread and ruffle your heart out... (this was an XL shirt so it made very ruffle-y circles)

pin your ruffle-y circles on the shoulders where you want them...

and stitch them down with a zig zag stitch

give your shirt some fancy shoulders and send us a pic!



  1. Love this!! they are so amazing!

  2. really cool - green is SO your color!

  3. Way cute! I love when you girls turn t's into CUTE t's!

  4. You are so talented!Who would have thought that two Dollar Tree tee shirts could end up looking like this! SO CUTE.

  5. So cute, u guys should sell ur stuff on etsy :) I'd buy it...

  6. Elise is So cute, still can't believe how old she is!!!

  7. I'm impressed! My sewing machine is sitting in a corner tearing up right now. It's begging to be taken out for use...especially for something cute and ruffly like this.

  8. How adorable! thanks for the DIY!

  9. omg! thats so cute!!! you're very creative for thinking of this!! awesome!!

  10. that is so creative! i love it!!


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