Q and A: so here's the skinny

Feb 26, 2011

Yesterday we had a reader ask a question, we thought we'd share our answer...
Q: How do you sisters stay so stinkin skinny? What's your secret?
A: Here' our big secret: Our momma's genes. She has a super high metabolism and we all got it. Thanks to our mom teaching us right, we also enjoy eating on the healthier side too. But don't get me wrong we have for sure fluctuated sizes over the years. Sister #1 and I both gain between 50-60 lbs. during pregnancy and boy do I have some sweet pics of our not so skinny selves. It generally takes about a year to feel/look close to our normal size. We all dance and enjoy aerobic type activities. Selina and I teach dance during the week, Elise is on her high school cheer team, and Olivia likes to run and rock climb when she gets a chance.

My outlook on body image really changed after my first baby. I stopped looking for all my flaws {let’s face it ladies, even the super models find things they don’t like}. I really appreciated my body for what it could do and the amazing gift that it is. I went from a size 1 to a 10 to size a 1 over two years {Selina got up to a size 14}. We found that dressing to fit whichever size our body is was the key to feeling confident in our clothes.  The biggest secret is to love your body the way it is and you will feel great in your clothes...really.
~Sister #2
 So I thought I would include some lovely pictures of our not so skinny selves:

Sophie, Mom, Mitch and Liv 2009
{anyone notice Sophies butt cushion? i did!}~selina

Selina, Cory and Baby Eva 2003

Eva, Cory, Baby Cora and Selina 2006

Sophie 2009

Selina 2003

Sophie 2009

sis #1 here... lets be honest, NOT my idea to post these pics, i had really bad PPD after both pregnancies and it didn't help that i had no clothes to wear! i will say that i learned my lesson after the first one and shopped for every size in between so i would have stylish outfits to wear after Cora and let me just say it made a huge difference! i learned to dress the body i had at the moment, i figured out how to balance my curves and accentuate my best "assets"... i learned to appreciate and take care of my body and gained some rockin' skills in the styling department that i would never have learned were it not for that 60lbs  gained on my 5'2 1/2" body...
we are grateful for the genetics we have been blessed with and we totally realize that we are not "average" sized.. just wanted to share that we know what its like to be less than tiny..
~Sister #1


  1. TwoteeplesJuly 24, 2011

    Thank you so much for this post! I am also five foot two and a half inches (exactly!) and gained 60 lbs with my last pregnancy. My baby is now five months old and I have lost 35 lbs, but I struggle every day with feeling fat and super unstylish. Thank you for your input!

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