beach day

Mar 21, 2011

Hubs #2, baby girl and I went to California this last week...
It was magical
and warm.

Eden LOVED the beach so much.  We went 3 times while we were there.
Do you ever feel like being at the beach/pool but not up to putting a swim suit on?

That was me on this day.

So this is my non-swim suit beach outfit.

Striped Shirt: Thrifted 4.00
Skirt: Thrifted 3.00
Hat: Downeast 10.00
Rainbow's/sandals (not pictured): 4.00 Clearance@ Pac Sun

~Sophie(sister #2)


  1. SO jealous!! i want the beach!! and i want me to be on it. right now. lucky girl! and i LOVE the stripes with the floral skirt, SO cute!! so perfect for the beach. where i should be...


  2. Great hat! It looks just perfect for your beach day (of which I am supremely jealous, by the by).

  3. I absolutely love relaxing on the beach! Where did you guys stay? Glad you got to enjoy the warm weather before the rain came!

  4. I love the stripes and floral together! I'm also terribly jealous that you were at the beach. It snowed today in Manhattan! What is up with that!

    North Meets South

  5. I really wish that England was warmer. Would you kindly send over some sunshine and blue skies? I would be really, really grateful and promise that I'd make the most of it :)

  6. VikkibabbeyMarch 21, 2011

    i live in california and its been raining the past two days in the bay area)=
    cute skirt!

  7. Oooh! I live in California! The weather WAS nice, but today it's been raining hard in Southern California. :( Good thing you made it for the sunny weather! Your outfit matches it perfectly. :)

    - Caroline (

  8. Niiice! What part of California were you in? I live in a suburb of Southern Cali (repping!) I live in the best area there is... driving distance to the beach, city, mountains, snow! I've got it made! Anyway... so glad you enjoyed your time in Cali!

  9. Love the stripes and florals together. This post makes me miss the warmer weather and makes me want to go to the beach.


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