friendship necklaces...

Mar 12, 2011

hey there friends! we sure love makin' stuff with you! we LOVE getting pics from all of you of the projects you have made... its too fun!

Jenna made one! {isn't she a beauty!}

so did Katherine...

Malorie rocked the Bib...

Karen knocked it out of the park in floral

did you make one too? we want to show it off so send in a pic!



  1. Purplepixie26March 12, 2011

    Nice work Jenna. You are so beautiful. Mike is a lucky guy. Married life looks good on you.
    Love Carrie(the sisters4 mommy)

  2. How do you make one? I luv them!

  3. So cute!!! You girls are so creative!

  4. so cute! definitely makes the outfit more lovely :)

  5. sharde@thestyleprojectsMarch 13, 2011

    hey ladies! todays post on my page is definitely up your alley! super cheap t-shirt refashion :) and the best part- no sew!

  6. i posted mine on my blog, it was fun to do!!!


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