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Apr 8, 2011

So when my dear husband came home from work I was feeling fine (I thought). My little one had spent the last half hour clinging to my legs and putting her tiny body in between me and the stove then using her tiny butt to "BUTT" me away from my cooking (which I RARELY do).  She had been whining and crying and even holding her wasn't making her happy... I call it her "Witching Hour"  because I never know why she's grouchy and it's around the same time every day.
So my husband walks in and I must have looked like death. I had been having a great day but the last week had been long days and nights with sick kid and apparently I was wearing a pooped out look on my face.
He said, "Do you want to get out of the house for a while?"
I said, "No.... well, maybe."
Him, "Do you want to go buy some shoes?"
Me, "I don't need to, I'm okay."
Him, "Why don't you just go and see if you can find something... "
Me, Long pause..... (This normally shouldn't be a hard thing to convince me of ) ........."okay."
I went upstairs and put on real clothes for the first time that day and left feeling so stoked to have such a sweetie of a guy. 

While I was out I found this shirt and I had to at least try it on...

I didn't find shoes but I found two cute tops. It was refreshing and just what I needed. 
I look back at some of the guys I dated and I think what would my life be like with some of those insensitive guys? (not all of them but a LOT, I knew how to pick em).... then I just feel overwhelmingly grateful that God knew just what I needed too.



  1. That is a keeper right there. How sweet! I love it when my husband will make the bed before he goes to school (I wake up earlier to go to work). Seriously just makes my day to come home to a made bed.

    North Meets South

  2. I would of totally bought that I Love My Hubby shirt, cute! :) Brent is the best! I love the way he treats you! You are so special and deserve all the shoes in the world! ;) Love you!

  3. Amen...AMEN! I am totally with you here... I knew how to pick em as well and God totally knew what He was doing when he put this one in my life! =)

    Love the t-shirt!

  4. Katherine BecksteadApril 08, 2011

    awh! so precious :)

  5. oh my GOSH!!!!! I can't wait to have a conversation like this with my husband!!! haha, how sweet of him :)

  6. PrettylifeanonymousApril 08, 2011

    That is so sweet. Like, SO sweet. I love husbands!

  7. I feel the same way!!! I am so happy to be married to my husband. Looking back, I dodged some bullets with some of the jerks I used to date. My life could be a whole different type of story.

  8. BTW, where was that shirt at?

  9. Sisters4saymoreismoreApril 08, 2011

    ROSS~ gotta love ross:)

  10. Sisters4saymoreismoreApril 08, 2011

    Thanks Jenna, YOU deserve all the shoes in the world too! LOVE U!

  11. Sisters4saymoreismoreApril 08, 2011

    That is so sweet!

  12. VikkibabbeyApril 08, 2011

    aww that was nice(=


  13. marrying a nice guys makes the world of a difference, eh? three cheers for chivalry!!


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