Aunt Selina...

Jun 27, 2011

 at church on Sunday my little niece Eden was having her own sweet meltdown... {in her defense she was teething so bad that she had both tiny hands in her mouth and drool dripping down her little chin} this usually sweet little mini Sophie refused to go to nursery... it was not happening. i decided that since i never get to do this {my kids are big now}i would scoop up that child and give my sis a break.
Eden and i roamed the halls touching every item on the bulletin boards and saying out loud what color it was, we got ice cold drinks from the fountain like big girls and decided what we thought was scratchy and what was smooth... then i boldly told that child  "lay your coco {coconut/head}on my shoulder, go na-night" 
and people....
if you knew this child you would know that it is nearly impossible to get her to sleep on a person, she is a very routine blankey, binkey, crib kind of a girl... it was a miracle.

and i loved every minute of it.
she slept on my shoulder for the rest of church while holding on to my necklace with her tiny little fingers...


she snores, fiy, and its the sweetest sound 
Target tee, necklace made by me, thrifted skirt, TJ Maxx shoes

she calls me "Ahh, sah-yee-ya"


ps. we had So much fun at the blogger meet up... i personally have brand new blog crushes and had so much fun meeting people in person that i felt like i kind of already knew... too fun, we will blog more about it when we get a hold of some pictures to share....

Sweet Serendipity


  1. You look gorgeous! That is so cute how Eden calls you AH -See ya! haha 

  2. coquirana123June 27, 2011

    Aww what a cute story  :)  I just worked in the church nursery yesterday, and I absolutely love those drooly little buggers! 

    Tales of an Illegal Midget

  3. Sarah McCammonJune 27, 2011

    It was so awesome meeting you guys. Your just as awesome in real life as you are on your blog:)

  4. Suzzie VehrsJune 27, 2011

    Your dress is adorable! Wish I could have made it to the meet up!

    Suzzie V

  5. Wish I could have been at the meet up. I can't wait to hear about it! 

    Sounds like my sundays, roaming the hall with my baby. Trying to get him to sleep but he is very routine oriented and the only way he likes to sleep on me is if I am feeding him.

    Love the outfit!! Those shoes are speaking to me!

  6. I love this, there is just something special about the connection I have with my sibling's children.  My heart melts when I see my nieces and nephew's (especially with my brother's kids).  What a sweet story and auntie!

  7. madison trentJune 27, 2011

    cute outfit!  im not brave enough to wear animal print haha...i really want to try it though!  i recognize you from the blogger meet up!  it was fun to meet everybody and to see what they were like.  oh and thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!

  8. hot stuff! i loved meeting you guys and i hope your mom had some fun with the ever mysterious "Rog" ;)

  9. GORGEOUS outfit... I can't get enough of these tees, especially with skirts! They look so good!

  10. Wait....I think I know Selina...if this is the same Selina, please get in touch with me, it's been ages--you look amazing as always....hugs!!!  (the wicked witch of the west....)


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