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Jun 15, 2011

= No good!
I totally killed my striped shirt.  Granted when my clothes get destroyed it's not so sad cause I only paid hmmmm 3 dollars for this shirt.
Still, anyone know how to get grease out of clothes??
I was driving and trying to eat a delicious taco.  Too many things at once. 
Even before the laws started coming out about texting and driving I had given myself a personal law to never do it. I am so bad at multitasking in the car.
So I guess I should have seen this coming...
Thrifted shirt, Walmart Leggings, Katherine's Cardi,  Old Navy flats

 It looks worse in real life.

Because of the baby bump the spill missed a good seven inches before nailing the bottom of my shirt.

Classic pregnant stain. In fact I bet I will be spilling a lot more on my belly as it grows bigger.

The shirt is still soaking in my washing machine...and I'm hoping the grease will magically come out.
~Sophie (sister #2)


  1. Try Oxi-Clean. Seriously, it's a miracle substance. I don't know if it will work quite as well since you've already soaked it, but it might help!

  2. Use either shampoo or liquid dish soap, rub in good.  It gets the grease out of your hair and off your dishes.
    Works great. 

  3. Mandi BarrusJune 15, 2011

    Oh no!  Try liquid dish soap, cold water only.  If that doesn't work, bleach pens are miraculous (you could use it only on the white stripes). 

    Good luck!

  4. Oh no, a taco in the car? What were you thinking?!?! At 16 I tried Subway and spilt salad and made an oath to myself not to eat and drive. You can try a grease cutting dish soap and don't dry it in the dryer or with heat until you know the stain is gone. Though it may have only cost you $3 it's a super cute on trend t. Good luck!

  5. My children always seem to have grease stains on their dark pants and I usually find them after I was them.  What I do for these stains (and most of their other stains) is treat it with Shout and let it sit overnight.  The next day soak it for a few hours in warm water and oxiclean.  Then launder as normal.  This gets out almost all the stains on my kids clothes. Some of the stains have already been washed and dried, and some of the stains have been on their clothes for a few weeks waiting to be treated.  They all still seem to come out with this method.  Hope that helps!

  6. i second the dish soap comments. it cuts grease (like it does in pans) and works wonders when i get bike grease stains on me. just something to try. 

  7. Soak it in the washer over night with some Clorox 2. Works every time for me!

  8. Yes! Like the other ladies said, a very strong stain remover over the wet stain (Zout, Oxy Clean, Clorox), let it soak overnight and then wash it. It'll be gone.

    Good luck!


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  9. Dish soap.  Just put a couple drops on the stain and let it sit overnight.  Before you toss it in the wash, dab on some Shout Advanced-it seriously gets everything out.  I like to toss a Tide Stain Release duo pack in when I've got stains-they work great.  Also, DO NOT dry it until the stain and the grease spots have come out.  The heat from the dryer will set it in and you'll never get it out.  I've ruined many a shirt that way.  

  10. Go to Walmart, to the Auto Department, and pick up a bottle of "Simple Green".  This stuff works on EVERYTHING!!!  It even works on SET IN grease/oil stains.  And it's GREAT for, your soon to have, baby food stains.  When I'm doing laundry, I usually spray the stain with the Simple Green, and then for extra insurance, I also spray it with Shout - and then massage it in with a brush.  However, I always seem to find stains AFTER they've gone through the dryer.  Even though they've been set in with the dryer,  I hit them with my Simple Green/Shout concoction, and they're gone in the next wash.  Once, I even got red nail polish out of my son's shorts (long story on how exactly the nail polish got on the shorts in the first place) using a combinations of Simple Green, Shout and OxyClean and letting it soak for a couple of days.   TRUST ME... DEFINITELY WORTH THE TRIP TO WALMART!!

  11. Dish soap + luke warm water.

    Since dish detergent is formulated to banish grease based stains from dishes, it'll work on any oil-based stain you get on your clothing as well. But you have to treat it IMMEDIATELY.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  12. About the outfit:  why are you the cutest person on the planet??


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