the oven phase has begun

Jun 23, 2011

My husband is constantly looking at me in disbelief when I say I am cold... I sleep with a winter duvet all year, I bring an extra sweater every where I go and I never trust my husbands wardrobe choice when he runs out of the house in March in a t-shirt
I am always a cold.

Now like magical clockwork the heat of summer has kicked in at the same time as my own personal abdominal oven.  I am in the "hot stage" of pregnancy... and I don't mean the "I'm ridiculously good looking stage".

Top~Target 4.00, Belt~ Thrift 1.50, Shoes~Ross 8.00, Jeggings~Ross 3.00

I really like bows. Especially on shoes. Although let me tell you these babies are not for speed walking/ running. I don't think most jellies are.
But yes, I tried. Shoes almost flew off and blisters almost happened.

My father in law said, "Women's shoes aren't always for comfort are they?"
ha ha No, although maybe one day sprinting and stilettos can be united.

Sophie (sister#2)

PS~Selina and her cute little family are on there way to my house!!!! (although they won't be here for another day) I cannot contain my excitement.


  1. Bows on the shoes- WIN! Love it. Congrats on the little bebe:) I am always always always cold too so hopefully someday Ill have that to look forward to....not having to bring along a sweater in the middle of June!!! :) 

  2. Kassie RewJune 23, 2011

    I'd say you are at the ridiculous good looking stage as well! cute! 
    I hated being hot. It was one of the worst things! 

  3. I can't wait to experience all the craziness of prenancy... although it will be  awhile :) I LOVE those shoes. I think I need a pair to replace my favorite jellies that I lost in the ocean at the Monterey Aquarium when I was 5. It was a traumatizing event for me..... good enough justification right? lol 

  4. You are such a cute pregnant woman!  I wish I looked as cute at you do when i was pregnant!

  5. Those shoes are ADORABLE! I want some. (And sprinting and stilettos can be united, you just raise your chances of a broken/twisted/sprained ankle by like 90% or some number thereabouts ;) ). Good luck with this 'hot' stage.

  6. Haha! I was going to comment on how pretty yet uncomfortable-looking your flats are! I guess I wasn't wrong. But... they are SO PRETTY! I have a ton of pretty looking, uncomfortable shoes. Like... most of them. Ah well.


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  7. SimplesimonandcoJune 23, 2011

    I hear you with the oven...I'm at 29 weeks and I'm roasting all the time!!!!
    Also, cute shoes...from here until baby day the only thing I will buy for myself are shoes and jewelry.
    Ps---I so want to come to your swap party----so want---but elizabeth and I will both be out of town.  Boo for us.  You will have so much fun.

  8. Sisters4saymoreismoreJune 23, 2011

    haaahahaaaha so true, and thanks!

  9. Sisters4saymoreismoreJune 23, 2011

    yes replace them. new jellies are very nostalgic.

  10. Sisters4saymoreismoreJune 23, 2011

    Thank you so much!! Every pregnant mommy loves to hear something like that.

  11. Sisters4saymoreismoreJune 23, 2011

    Okay.....  I love you! thanks!! 

  12. i always get cold too! still sleeping with my winter blanket..

  13. AH! These shoes are amazing.  And, I think you are "ridiculously good looking".

    Ask the Duplex


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