two obsessions rolled into one

Jun 17, 2011

A maxi with stripes: FAVORITE!
I may wear this all summer.
comfort. CHECK.
cute. CHECK.
affordable. CHECK.
okay, those are really the only three checks that matter for me.

maxi~13.99 Forever 21... (my green one was on sale for 10.00 though)... when I got this one I had no patience and I really didn't want it to sell out. 

Cardi~old navy and my belt is thrifted...I NEVER buy a belt for more than 1.50 now.


The maxi is making it's way on to my pregnancy clothing must haves list (and the regular clothing list too).
What is your favorite item of comfortable clothing? Share!

Have a happy glorious sunny Friday friends!!


  1. Your little bump could not be more adorable. Congrats!

  2. Ohh, I love striped maxis! Like you said, two obessions in one. and I love how you did the belt as an empire waist, so cute! I got a new skirt with a wide elastic wasitband, and that quickly shot it's way to top of my fav comfy item list.

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    When I was pregnant I would try to fit myself into awful maternity jeans. Then after being pregnant I thought  "next time I get pregnant I'll be in sweats all day". But now you come up with this divine combination of cute clothes and comfort and I'm rethinking my possibilities for a future next pregnancy!


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  4. sugarplumsaraJune 17, 2011

    your baby bump is looking so cute!!! maxi dresses are perfect for everyone-preggers or not. you look adorable darling!
    new fashion post!The House of Shoes

  5. LOVE!  

    Did you get that maxi recently?  I might have to copy you!! :)

  6. Sisters4saymoreismoreJune 17, 2011

    Yes. at the university mall f21 in the front right room... 

  7. What a great price! I don't have a maxi yet but I will soon. My mom just told me she has some of her old maxi dresses in her closet.  SOO I might have to talk her into giving them to me, I have 3 other sisters who would take them in a heart beat so I have to call dibs lol


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