Flat iron magic...

Jul 14, 2011

yes, i realize i am wearing the same pants AND shoes as yesterday {shame on me, right} except this was another day in UT and i didn't pack much so give a girl a break...

ok... TOTAL lie... i packed way too much, i only actually wore half of it
you totally cant tell in these shots but my shirt has this big fabulous bow on it... the bow wrinkled up in the wash after i wore it the first time, i don't know.. 2 yrs ago... so every time i passed it in my closet i would over look it because who wants to pull out and iron for any reason...

then Sophie {the voice of reason} says to me
"just use your flat iron."

and then i realized that everyone probably already knew that trick, i just avoid ironing so much that i hadn't even bothered to come up with another way!
Forever 21 top, Tank stolen from Sophie, Forever 21 skinnies, bracelet made by me, Mia shoes, {Macys}

any tricks you guys want to share with me? apparently i am always the last to know!



  1. well on the real real, i never thought of that. actually just recently, I was about to put on a belt for a dress that was a fabric belt and I HATE ironing, actually i dont even own one because i hate it so much that it would never EVER get used... anyways so i flat ironed the belt and felt like genius. i know it was the same feeling you had. :)

    the style projects blog

  2. Chloe_rushworthJuly 14, 2011

    Haha, hate ironing so so much. It's okay to wear those trousers and shoes twice because they're beaut.

    C x
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  3. totally! at least you thought of it! i am seriously gonna use it for dual purposes from now on!

  4. awe thanks love! if you say its ok then i feel much better about it! and PS i LOVE when you say trousers, can i say trousers even though i dont have a sweet british accent?

  5. Kassie RewJuly 14, 2011

    I should use my flat iron! Much easier and probably works better!

  6. Never thought of that! Thanks for the tip!

  7. ha ha i thought i was the only one that did this
    i use it on collars, sashes, ribbons etc
    works like a charm

  8. i've never thought of that!! yay! thanks for the tip!

  9. Ok, so I totally want to pull out my Chi and start ironing all of my clothes like crazy now because I HATE ironing and had NEVER thought of this!  BRILLIANT!

  10. Nicole GuerraJuly 16, 2011

    Wow! Simple genius! Yeah I have never thought of that either! Gping to test that out sometime. I LOVE those jeans!


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