slouchy and shapeless...

Aug 30, 2011

is it strange that i feel frumpy in flats but LOVE a great slouchy shapeless tee? what is my problem?

 we still have one more week of summer here in MI  and i am already trying not to worry about the cold and the snow... i dont even get a chance to love the beautiful fall weather because i know whats coming around the corner... and this year i wont have any kids at home all day! i wonder if that will make me more or less productive... will i become the biggest lazy bum ever, or will my house be spotless with a finished project and dinner on the table when all the people get home?

TJ maxx tee, thrifted jeans, Dolce Vita for Target wedges, braided headband borrowed from my girls...

doubt it... 

any tips? 
i feel like a lazy lump of junk every winter and i dread it months in advance, other than Christmas and cute layered outfits i kind of hate it... please help, i feel chilled just talking about it...



  1. I really can't empathize because I live in California.  Cold for us is 50 degrees.  But I can make a suggestion; maybe you could come up with a big project that will keep you busy and feeling productive during the winter.  You could start preparing for it now so that you have everything you need when the crazy weather rolls in.  Just a thought.  Hope it helps!

  2. Rachel LukeAugust 30, 2011

    You look so goooood!

  3. Hey,  Beautiful!  Are headbands coming back in style?  We used to wear them (Olivia Newton-John/Xanadu) with leg warmers. That was a loooong time ago, but I guess 80's is now "vintage?"  You look great in whatever you wear.  xoxo

  4. Mckenzi IrvinSeptember 02, 2011

    Not a great tip, but you can come hang out with me and we can be lazy bums together! Sounds like fun to me!

  5. oh its a deal girl!!!! i am SO coming over.... what are you craving lately?

  6. hahaha! totally Olivia Newton John! 



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