Sep 21, 2011

yep. those are flats friends... 
i hate to do it but i didn't want to be irrigating that grass at Cross Country practice

one thing i will say about these shoes, they are a gorgeous color....
and if my memory serves me they were about 4 bucks

i only have 2 requirements when buying flats {i try not to}
#1 they have to be sort of special... color, texture, shape etc.
#2 they have to be CHEAP... like less than 5 bucks
F21 top, Target tank, Old Navy jeans, Target flats
i used to HATE the color blue.. i felt like crap when i wore it, i really did! my kids will tell you that my favorite color is grey, its true... but not grey skies grey, grey clothes and accessories grey...

and yet i felt better in grey than blue?! what the crap!
so i discovered cobalt blue... the gateway blue, if you will
now my shoe closet is home to no less than half a dozen pairs of cobalt blue heels 
[and a lonely pair of flats}

i'm not saying its my favorite {i dont like choosing favorite anything} but i have been enjoying this color lately..

what colors have sparked you interest lately that you never thought would?



  1. I love cobalt blue. If I could have a pair of shoes in cobalt life might be complete. Aren't target flats the best. I got about five pairs a couple of weeks ago that were discounted 75% they were each like three bucks.!!!! this is why my husband only allows me to Target browse once a month, I'm out of control! -Sarah

  2. Those flats are an awesome color!
    They look great with that outfit.
    You're making me want to buy more and more shoes.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  3. I also love grey and black.  I know they're technically not colours, but I think they look great on me.  I'm recently getting more into purple!

    Also- I'm totally the same way about flats- they have to be well priced!  All of the shoe shops around here sell them for $100 or thereabouts... criminal!

  4. I beyond concur with your reasoning on buying flats. I mean, they should be sooo much cheaper since they're missing a 4" heel .. that and sandals. 
    And my never-thought-I'd-wear color: purple. Funny, I'm actually wearing it now.

  5. shamclover85September 21, 2011

    Ooo, pretty shade! Miss you!

  6. Oh I LOVE flats & those your wearing are so pretty :)

  7. Nicole HelakSeptember 23, 2011

    Mustard-y Yellow.
    I never imagined I would be so obsessed with that color. Ever.

    Im from Michigan also and I pretty much cant wait to see what you are wearing when the snow flies because I always slip into 'le frump'.

  8. AMEN sister! shaving of that heel has got to cut costs right?! i swear i have made that exact comment to my sisters... i have a feeling we would be real life friends girl! you totally get my logic!

  9. absolutely criminal!!!! where the heck do you live where you cant get $4 flats...?

  10. thanks girl! the shoe habbit is addicting and SO hard to break... and SO worth it! 

  11. oh ya, last week i was target browsing and ended up with 5 bras... in my defense they were 75% off... 

  12. I really like it!!!

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