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Sep 7, 2011

thrifted top, Old Navy necklace, Pac Sun tee, Sophies jeans, Target heels

i have been thrifting mens button downs like nuts lately and chopping them up!

just like this...
 hem, then roll up the sleeves and boom bam a cute crop top...

what have you been making lately?

i really need to get started on my kids halloween costumes... i'm still not sure how i am gonna make a girly frog costume... thoughts?



  1. This is a great idea! I've never yet tried converting men's wear into women's clothes. For me, I've been buying a lot of sale items and taking them in where needed (because usually I don't find my size during sales) :)

  2. that is actually a genius idea!!  I'm gonna do this to some of hubby's old shirts that I love but that won't fit the baby bump anymore!!

  3. Ahh! That is so cute!! (: It looks so good on you!!! Brilliant!

    check itt

  4. Was the request for girly?  'Cause I say just make it a frog and let it be.  But if she specifically wants to be girly...there are patterns for frog costume, then add a pink bow and a pink necklace.

  5. Kayla ContrerasSeptember 07, 2011

    Green tights/leggings, green long sleeved top, green tutu, froggy eyed headband. I'de probably throw a couple green freckles and some sparkles on her face too. 

  6. Your so cute! Love this.

  7. for the frog costume: you could make a headband with frog eyes, and she could wear a green shirt and green sweats and maybe even a green belt, and you could sew fabric between the fingers on gloves :)

  8. I did what Dixie did, but for a turtle, and it turned out GRRReat!  You look stunning and fabulous, as usual!  xo


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