Sep 19, 2011

this photo was such an accident...
...but how cool is that sun!
i miss the sun so much right now, it is such a gloomy, rainy, gross day today.
i get so bummed when the weather is like this, i can't get going sometimes... or i just shop.
so to stave off the shopping i need to keep busy...
maybe i need a sun light. 
or new shoes...

i should do my dishes.
thrifted shirt,  Earrings spray painted by me, Target maxi, Target bag, Aldo shoes

lets take a vote...
how many of you think i will actually do my dishes?
{sophie's vote doesn't count}



  1. shamclover85September 21, 2011

    Love the beige/khaki and looks really good on you. And I say. dishes, smishes...just about the only time I do dishes is when someone is coming over or they're spilling over the sink onto the counter! Enjoy the sun when it's around!

  2. I love this accidental photo! It's so perfect.

    Just Better Together


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