a hairy sneak peak...

Oct 19, 2011

so, i told you guys i finally did something to my boring hair, 
{well actually my friend Sara did it}
we decided to figure out this "melting" technique where you blend the light color from the ends into the darker color at your roots... 
 but we decided lets also try puting a sort of ring of dark chocolate around my face and underneath to make the blond really pop.
 i love to experiment, its a total blast...
i get  a sort of rush from the excitement of it all... i used to do it all the time, but then i got lazy,
 not any more friends! im gonna try it all! 

in other fun news my gorgeous friend Sara {who is an amazing hairstylist} is totaly teaching me all of her tricks!!!!! she even let me give her an A-line bob!
she is so incredibly cool! she just hands me her freaking scissors and says
"ok, so here is what you are going to do..."

 it turned out awesome {if i do say so myself} i will post a pic as soon as i can... i am like a proud momma, everytime i hear people tell her how great her hair looks i just beam like a total geek... 

next time i am gonna have her teach me this cut ....
Pinned Image

and how to do it to myself...


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  1. Wow! Love your hair! It looks totally awesome!


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