happy halloween and 3 winners!

Oct 31, 2011

 Happy Halloween!!
Top~Katherine's closet, Leggings~ Old Navy, Scarf~ Gift from my brother, Boots~Nordstrom (gift) , Glasses~ Forever 21

Remember how I said I would pick winners on Thursday? hmmmm "Pregnancy brain" is real and I totally spaced out.  Not gonna lie, I always thought it was an old wives tale... Nope, you seriously loose your brain and forget words mid sentence.

Christmas Card WINNERS!!!
1. Vanessa
2. Dana S.
3. Cheryl

Congrats ladies and don't forget to Email us with your info so we can pass it on to A is for Apple.
Email us at: sisters4saymoreismore@gmail.com
Also, make note of the card you would like or if you want a custom order:)

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  1. You look beautiful in that outfit :)


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