lets play "Wheres Waldo?"

Oct 25, 2011

 ...except lets pretend my husband is waldo....
you get 2 chances...

 did you find him?

i had no idea he was there... hes such a brat.

Old Navy maxi, cropped {and tied} Old Navy tee, thrifted jacket, BCBG shoes, Lia Sophia necklace and cuff

in other news...

this is what my shoe closet looks like...
an explosion.
al least 75% of my shoes are on the floor of that closet or on the steps heaped in a basket...
{this is gonna take me FOREVER!!!!}

okay... now its time for you guys to tell me what you let get away from you lately, does your shoe closet look like mine? or your laundry pile {mine is also a disaster} or your kids playroom... {you dont even want to see what died in that room!} 
you get the point... misery loves company!

do you want to know how i made these?
check it out HERE


  1. Mine is totally my laundry, it's eating my laundry room to the point it's hard to move around in there!

  2. 1. Your husband is hilarious. 2. We definitely have matching closets. Actually I'm reading blogs instead of conquering my pile... I'm off to a productive start today. 

  3. Oh yeah, your hubs is a NUT! And my unused formal dining room has been turned into my shoe closet, with a table full of unfinished holiday crafts... so, so very sad! But our formal dining room has a full length mirror that begs for runway modeling just before work... so... yeah. :o)

  4. hahaha! Runway modeling before work! you are my kind of girl! my full length mirror broke and i am so bummed about it.... i swear i have no idea what the heck i look like until i take outfit pics {which are embarassing...} i am always telling my husband we need to find a house with an extra room for my shoes... thats totally a legit reason to move right?

  5. i think our laundry rooms might be long lost twins!!! 

  6. Nikki HepworthOctober 25, 2011

    HAHA I love that your hubs did that! Mine starts to go crazy and just take pictures left and right when he's being my photographer...Love the earrings by the way!! Can't wait to try them!


  7. OMG! You're closet is as bad as mine lol! It's good to know that I'm not alone :)

  8. Nicole GuerraOctober 25, 2011

    My office/sewing room/closet is a disaster. I let my clean clothes pile up in my basket. I HATE putting away clothes. Not my favorite thing to do. Neither does Fiance... he could live out of a basket If I let him.

  9. I've been lurking around your blog for a loooong time. I think your hubs sneakin into your picks is pretty darn funny. And...confession. I'm pretty sure my whole house with the exception of my kitchen and bathroom looks has 'gotten away from me'.

  10. Sue WestrellOctober 25, 2011

    My entire bedroom is a disaster area... It'll be so clean in the summer and long breaks, but over the course of school, it turns into a hazard area. (Also, somehow, all the cleaning supplies in the house have migrated to my room...and it's still a mess...no clue how that happened!)

  11. the wost part is that i am sure it will stay like this for a while... i am a lazy bum!

  12. my husband is banned from taking my pictures because he is such a nut... and he makes me feel even more embarrassed {if that could be possible} plus all the pictures are of me laughing so hard you can see straight up my nose... so ya, banned totally banned... please send a pic of the earrings if you end up making them!


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