Oct 12, 2011

Dress~Motherhood, Belt~Thrifted, Toms~Nordstrom (Pregnancy splurge!!)

Being able to sleep somewhat comfortably:)
My Tom's 
Being able to wear my usual size shoes (SIZE 7...when I was pregnant with my first child I wore a 6 1/2 and at the end of the pregnancy was an 8 1/2. YIKES!)
Being able the wear my wedding ring still...It's been almost 4 years and I still get giddy looking at it.
Finding some really great gluten free recipes... a few more weeks and then my body won't hate wheat.
All the crap I get done in a given day thanks to "nesting".
Feeling those magical/spaztic kicks.
Having hubs tell me how I am so beautiful pregnant.

Not nice:
Peeing every hour on the hour... only 1-2 times at night thank goodness!
Not being able to stop crying once I start... happens very rarely but watch out.
Not being able to see my toes or anything below the waist for that matter.
Feeling like I am going to have a mental break down if "One more thing falls on the floor for me to bend over and pick up!" Bending is not comfortable any.more.
If my butt grows any bigger.

Hey everyone send out your love and prayers to SELINA.
She has always suffered from headaches and after months of having her headaches under control has had a horrific past few days of pain.

Feel better soon. 


  1. 1st holy cow Selina! I will sure have you in my thoughts girl get better soon!
    2nd Soph! You look awesome, can't wait to see pics of your little man!!

  2. Aw Selina get better soon....

    When I was pregnant with my first I sneezed so hard I peed..... 

  3. Oh I remember your "memory foam feet" with Baby E! lol I felt so bad for ya! You look fantastic (like always) and I'm dying to see this little man! I bet he gets more of your hubby this time and has blonde hair. ;) Get better Selina! Prayers for a recovery!

  4. Cute post- I was a mental mess while pregnant. I cried uncontrollably A LOT!!!! Out least it sounds as though the good is outweighing the bad.

    Prayers for Selina!!!

  5. You do look beautiful! And as for Selina: may the pounding stay at a dull roar, the lights stay dim, the noise be soft, and the pain pass quickly.

    You'll both remain in my prayers.

    May you see the love around you always. :)

    I appreciate all the sisters four, this blog is one of many blessings.


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