dear selina, oxfords rock

Oct 27, 2011

We literally had this debate the other day on the phone:

Selina: Your oxfords are ugly.  Cory always says "Why does she wear those?"

Me: Whatever! they're cute! 

Selina: Well they are flats sooooo...

Me: What about your flat snow shoes? THOSE are ugly!

Selina: They're great, for snow boots... if a person needs to wear a snow boot these are awesome. I love them, and we can't compare them, its like apples and oranges...

Me: No, it's like a rotten orange with a nice red juicy apple.

Selina: You're stupid.


  1. love the brown oxfords, who makes them?  i certainly need a pair too!  thanks ahead.  

  2. please post the brand, I want to do a google search :) thank you.... 

  3. Hilarious!  And Selina you love I totally love you but doll I have to go with the oxfords, lose the boots love~  :)

  4. that should say you know i totally love you~

  5. Ha Ha- I think Oxfords rock too! You look so precious :)

  6. I like both, though I worry that the flat oxfords aren't giving your pregnant body enough support!

  7. Sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 27, 2011

    They were six bucks from a thrift store with no trace of a name brand...I believe they are little boy's shoes:)

  8. Res@Outfit31.comOctober 27, 2011

    I'm with ya!  Luvin' the oxfords!  They do rock! 


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