hat obsessed...

Nov 3, 2011

yesterday i went to Target..
i know you guys are thinking..."you practically live at Target.... whats new?"

heres whats new..

i swear i just walked around the racks drooling.... i want every one of these hats! they are amazing! and they are only $20! {his prices are usually between $300-$400}

of course i am a clearance girl and couldn't bring myself to buy one just yet... but i have my eyes on a few, that i will watch like a crazy hawk!

Targets house brands didn't dissapoint either...
check out these beauties..

 i ended up leaving the store with this lovlie little number...

because she was on clearance for $7!
go check it out ladies... your bad hair days will never look so good

in other news, we were featured on this new amazing website called Craftfoxes.com
its so much fun, serioulsy... {i wasted quite a bit of time browsing on their site last night}
check us out HERE 


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  1. Those hats are pretty fierce. I'm not much of a hat girl though :/


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