Little bro blazers are my life...

Nov 10, 2011

if there is one thing in my closet that i nearly wear everyday its my little bro blazer...
Little Bro Blazer: a little shrunken suit coat, usually thrifted from the little boys section... or stolen from your little brothers closet.

not MY little brothers though... they are huge...
 {except for Mitch who can totally wear my skinny jeans}
i have, of course, gone over board and have thrifted myself 6 or seven of these tiny jackets in many colors and have gotten my girls hooked on my little imaginary trend

we call this the baby bro blazer...

Thrifted Jacket, Old Navy top, Old Navy "rockstar" jeans, Target booties swiped from Sophie

so yesterday Sophie calls me and i'm like 

"Soph! you sound awesome! hows everything going?" 

and she goes

"i think i'm in the weepy stage because, ~sob~ Brent just left for work and  ~sob~ i dont know why i'm crying!"

oops. totally misread that vocal cue! sheesh!
shes fine though guys, dont worry... she proceeded to tell me how smooth everything has been going and how Eden has been handling things so well...
at one point through the sobbing she literally started laughing!
it was hysterical... we were both laughing about it..
hormones are a strange thing huh? at least shes just irrationally crying {when it was me i was mean... super mean.} and not super depressed. pray that this stage passes quickly for her {and that we remember every convo so we can laugh about it later}


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  1. i totally love thrifting tiny blazers too!  i think i have three or four since they're so cheap!


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