Holy moly I haven't done this in years!

Jan 18, 2012

Last night I was barfed on... So much barf I had to change my clothes.... All of my clothes,

I slept in my Jeans

But look at his face!

Its quite an adventure to do night time with a newborn after so many years... I'm tired but its not too bad, he's a super good baby... Aside from barfing his guts and soaking my clothes, its actually fun to snuggle with this little guy during those night time feedings...

Sophie and I are going to Kohls today to spend her gift card... It was her idea! Big step guys, actually wanting to go shopping is a huge step... We might even get dressed today!

~ Selina

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  1. glad to hear you ladies are having a good time! precious babe :)

  2. Much love and many prayers to you and Sophie.

  3. Liisa BishopJanuary 22, 2012

    It's so great that you are out there and able to help out. Our daughter is 6 weeks old now and I wish that my sister could come and help me (she was here for the first 10 days though which was awesome). Sisters are life-savers!


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