On my way...

Jan 12, 2012

Getting on my flight in about 20 mins... I'm going to see Sophie and help her as much as I can... My ultimate goal is to do at least a few doofus things that make her laugh everyday... {And no matter how doofus and embarrassing I promise I will report back to you what I did and how much of a laugh I got from Sophie...} Since she's having a rough time this will be a challenging task... My fully healthy Sophie typically laughs at nearly every word out of my mouth, I never needed to try hard. This time i'm pulling out all the stops.... {Whatever that means}

Here I come Soph!

~ Selina

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  1. This is why I love you ladies! You're so good to each other and it warms my cold bitter heart :)

  2. Give her a hug for me! I tried to see her when I was there last month, but didn't get a hold of her to confirm it. Let her know she is wonderful, loved, and I miss her! -Chris Ralston

  3. SugarplumsaraJanuary 13, 2012

    hey that looks just like my E-reader! Is that the kindle or Nook? I have the nook and love it. and that is so sweet of you to fly over :) hope you guys have a good time together!

    The House of Shoes

  4. I pray you're having lots of success cheering her up!!


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