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Apr 11, 2012

i am doing something so crazy it might even border on suicidal...

have you heard of it? its a death wish quite frankly,  i said i would do it a yr ago because i thought it would give me enough time to get into rip roarin' shape...
fast forward to two weeks ago when i said to myself... huh, well i guess i should go for a run... squeeze a little training in...

the race is on SATURDAY!
i have been doing a mile run in under nine mins but i never run farther than a mile...
this race is 12! 
not to mention the 25 military style obstacles along the way..
look at me!
 im going to die.
my idea of working out is a dance class once a week in dainty little outfits like this one.
i have zero upper body strength absolutely no cardio abilities {i start to cramp after about a block} and the stamina of a ninety-five yr old...
thrifted refashioned scarf, Old Navy top, Target cardi, Target stretchy shorts, ballet tights, thrifted leg warmers, Target boots, borrowed doggie Finn, My doggie Lilly
 i am gonna be curled up on the sidelines covered in mud and tears cursing the day i said yes to such a supremely doofus idea...
i have no business doing this, every one knows it...
so to make it all worth while my very romantic husband is going to run with a {water proof} video camera to document every doofus moment of my very bad decision just so my friends, family and blog friends can have a good laugh..
you're welcome.

OH ya.. pray for me.


  1. Purplepixie26April 11, 2012

    Good Luck Selina, You are a Tough Mother !!!!!  Love MOM

  2. Ovictoria88April 11, 2012

    I've totally wanted to do one of those!!! Go Nina!

  3. I stroked out just from watching the video clip!  God speed love!!  Mwah!

  4. My friend's husband did it and she told me he got shocked by those dangly tasers (that you have to crawl under ) more than once!


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