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Apr 24, 2012

 so, i am known for doing supremely dumb and ditzy things on a regular basis... its kind of my thing. well to be fair its kind of a family thing... we can be pretty doofus.
and when you put more than one of us together the doofusness just compounds... 
it is always dangerous for us to talk on the phone while driving anywhere {its not uncommon for one or both of us to get lost driving home from the grocery store a block away} 

we are kind of professional exit missers,
out the door forgeters
 {you know that one thing you need to grab on your way out that you look right at and walk right by because Sophie is telling a great story about Eden pooping nuggets in the tub}
key missplacers 
{among other things}
MIA wedding singers
{lets just say i rehearsed and rehearsed and the day of i watched tv... no lie! 4 days later i jumped up and realized what i had done!}
we are also pretty skilled at the "hey hold on a sec" but we really mean an hour... and the best part is that the other one doesnt usually remember they were on the phone to begin with!

and then there is yesterday on the phone with Sophie... ran through the kitchen to grab the thing i couldn't forget to bring... looked at it and walked right on by, got in my car threw my phone in the passenger seat, and proceeded to talk to my water bottle

 of course i told her and we bust out laughing only insuring that i would also forget to bring my running shoes to Running Club {which i coached in heels}

Thrifted blazer, Old Navy necklace, Kohls top,  Old Navy jeggings, Dolce Vita for Target wedges, Dollar Tree sunglasses
and for a laugh... 
this is what i do when i think the camera is off {doofus face #1 is my personal fav. although the squishy face is pretty funny}

any doofus ditzy stuff you want to share? 

ps... anyone else out there rooting for Derek and Maria on DWTS just to see if they will fall in love get married and have babies? anyone?


  1. i, am also , a complete ditz.  although i havent heard that word in a good while.  and like you, i T R Y to laugh at it.  but honestly it drives me batty!  life is so chaotic and rushed, it just leads to short term memory loss.  im constantly forgetting, loosing, apologizing (for the stupid crap i do), and being a perfect unorganized mess.  ~sigh~ 

  2. i hear ya! its super frustrating sometimes to be so darn forgetful!!! i find that even when i am super annoyed at myself if i can wait five mins i know i will laugh.... and if that doesn't work i just tell someone so they can laugh and then i feel tons better... laughter really is the best medicine!

  3. Purplepixie26April 24, 2012

    This isn't a ditz moment, okay I  take it  back. I go for a run every morning. I conveniently put my I-Pod in my cleave. I forget I have no cleave. So the pod goes slowly, during the mile run, down my "never had cleave" then trails down my tank top and then proceeds to go down my pants. Nice. Am I the mother of all these (blonde) beautiful sisters 4??? J/K about the blonde, we are just so interested in so many things we can't remember stuff or pay attention too long. It's not attention deficit, I will stand by my description of why we are the way we are. K . Now, why did I get on the computer in the first place......


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