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May 14, 2012

It's important to be able to laugh at your self. It's an extra added bonus when you have a sister to call that will laugh at you too.

So the other day I was sent on a mission by my hubs to Lowes to obtain some sod and soil supplies. I was sent to pick up one bag of seed and soil and 5 bags of top soil.  Little did I know each bag weighed a million pounds... me heaving these bags into my cart was funny in it self.
So after checkout I decided to be smart and ask if someone could help me load my car. So after this nice young man helps me load my car I thank him and proceed to prove to him and everyone witnessing in the parking lot that I need more help than with just lifting heavy things...
I put my car in drive and proceed to go forward up on to the very much stationary and visible by all (except me) side walk.
I backed one will even notice, I'll just back up nice and slow... "CLUNK".
Who ever wasn't looking was looking now.

Two seconds later...
Called Selina and we laughed our heads off about my stupidity AND she even told me a similar doofus story where she did the same.

What would I do with out my sisters??

Not laugh as much that's for sure.

Dress~Forever 21, Belt~Thrifted, Cardi~Old Navy, Shoes~Ralf Lauren

 My outfit buddy modeling her Rapunzel dress made by her Aunt Selina.


  1. That's why I love having sisters they make me laugh all the time.

  2. Sisters really do make life better! I love the dress!

  3. Purplepixie26May 15, 2012

    Beautiful Soph, and my Eden too1!!!! Love Mom


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