May 8, 2012

my new lips...
mens t, CW Price jacket, Target leggings, F21 shoes & necklace, Dollar Tree sunglasses, MAC lip in Heroine {limited edition}

ya they're kind of purple...

i pretty much buy every matte lipstick that comes out at MAC... i'm a junkie... i literally dont care what color, i just love a matte lip.
so i realize purple on a lip is kinda wild but i'm kind of in love, 
am i nuts?!

{Sophie told me Derek and Maria on DWTS were pretty steamy... i TOLD her i knew they were an item! ;) i haven't watched yet so don't tell me anything!}



  1. I love your pants, great look! Purple lips are a bit unusual but I like it ;)

  2. Jessi H.May 12, 2012

    I fee like you girls are all hot New Yorkers during fashion week.  Secksy!!!!


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