May 18, 2012

thrifted top, walmart cropped tee,  dogchain necklace, Sophies F21 jeans, TJ maxx  shoes, Mary Kay  Hibiscus lipstick
 so there has been some serious puke going on at my house... first it was Cora last weekend... not stop pink vomit... then it was Eva last night,
one. big. HUGE. projectile vomit that hosed nearly our entire bathroom with pink watermelon puke....
 at 2am.
after the child finally let it all out she felt really great... so great in fact that she couldn't sleep she was so excited... she started to sing in fact... the same song over and over and then tell me stories, lots of stories... so finally i said "kid if you cant sleep could you please just read or something cause you're driving your momma nuts!!!" so she sayed up reading till around 3:30 which means i didn't sleep until 4! 


{this face says it all}
my day is now upside down.
and i am honestly fine with that as long as i dont get the pukes
 cause i dont have time for that business!


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