no time...

Jun 27, 2012

 so i have no time to write much only that we will be starting our trek out to good ol' UT bright and early tomorrow morning and i am STRESSED OUT!

i loathe packing and usually over-do it {who me?}

i really dont think its crazy or excessive to pack an entire laundry basket full of shoes... doesn't everybody do that? 

TJ Maxx top, Styled by Tori Spelling necklace, Forever 21 rings, thrifted skirt, Manic shoes

if you would like to follow along on our crazy 30 hr trip you can follow me on twitter @sisters4saymore and instagram @selinapengelly
my goal is to catch my husband in some goofy sleeping arrangements and other shenanigans... it should be a fun adventure...

~selina {sis#1}


  1. Love the skirt!!! I also pack wayyy too many shoes when I travel. Hope your road trip went well :)

  2. Alyssa RiverJuly 02, 2012

    I just became a follower from Modern Modest Beauty! I love your style and I love your blog!


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